MS Excel files

Is there some way for webMethods read a MS Excel file? If so, how?



Hi nicolas,
Even i would like to the solution for this MS Excel problem. Please let me know, if you have the solution for this.

Itemfield’s ContentMaster for webMethods Integration Platform can handle Excel files of arbitrary complexity.

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go to and look for (27.574k)
Author: Igor Androsov
This is a simple package that can read MS EXCEL files and convert them into WM record list. It is using Apache’s POI HSSF library. The name if a bit misleading asExcel Reader would be more fitting. The services providedtake a file name as input and files need to be on the server this in my view is advantage and disadvantage. The source is included and can be modified. The required POI jar is available at

direct shortcut is

I am using it to upload Master data in SAP Business Connector 4.7, but can be used for any kind. Very good and very simple. It is shared freeware.



Hi Gordan,

The input for ExcelToXML flow service, which is in the package, is defined as;
data - Record that has 3 input types.
file_name - a complete file name with file system path to read from
file_stream - a IO stream BufferedInputStream java object
file_data - Excel data in form of a string

My question is how can I get the file_data?
Looks like I’m using the service in a wrong manner.


You can just input the file name and the parser will work. If you have the data as a stream, you can specify the stream here.
This program works fine for simple applications.
Thanks and good luck!