MQ Transport support

Does webMethods supports connectivity to websphere MQ using “MQ Transport” ? What do we need to implement this ? Does websphere MQ adapter support this ? We see similar offerings in other ESB platforms like below. Any help or guidance would be appreciated

Hi Balachandar,

please see the webMethods Adapter System Requirements guide as well as the MQSeries Install and Users guide for details.

You will need 5 Jars from a MQ Client installation:

Place these Jars under IntegrationServer/packages/WmMQAdapter/code/jars/.

Depended on the MQ Version you will have to select the right version but the 7.5 jars should match the most MQ servers.

Please apply latest Fix for MQ Adapter (MQS_6.5_Fix33) to your IS.

MQ Adapter acts as a Java-based MQ Client when connecting to the MQ Series Server/QueueManager/Channel.
This can be configured to use SSL-/TLS-encryption (TLS will be only available when MQS_6.5_Fix29 or higher is applied) when needed.

We never have used JMS when connecting to MQ Series, only through MQ Adapter.

Can you share the IS version you plan to use for this scenario?


Thanks Holger. We use 9.5 IS. So as i understand MQ transport is nothing but using the native client libraries to connect to the MQ infra and without MQ adapter you cannot accomplish this. pls confirm.

Hi Balachandar,

I am not quite sure about the term “MQ Transport”, but what I have researched on the internet last week related to this sounds somewhat similar to how MQ Adapter connects to remote QMgr/Channel by using MQ-provided jar files.

Regarding to the documentation of the WmMQAdapter I did not find much about using JMS here (which would be more likely relating to build-in JMS feature of the IS).