MQ topic


Need some basic info.
How do I publish a document from wM to a MQ queue using a topic. Do i need the MQadapter?

Hi David,

please provide more details:
How are you connecting to MQ (assuming it is an IBM MQSeries type)?
Via native MQ or plain JMS?
For native MQ you will definitely require the MQ Adapter.
For plain JMS you will only need some IBM Jars to configure the JNDI and JMS Settings in IS under Settings → Messaging.


Hi Holger,

yes IBM MQ.

I started to read the MQadapter documentation but didnt understand how to use topics in the put adapter. So then i started to also look at plain jms and now I’m confused what to use.

But lets keep fokus on the adapter and how to publish to MQ using topics?

Hi David,

I have checked the Adaptes Documentation myself und checked something in designer

Looks like bad luck for you.

MQ-Adapter seems to be able to listen on topics with notifications, but is not able to put messages in topics.

When using topics for messages to MQ you will have to use plain JMS as build in into IntegrationServer.


Thanks Holger!

Do I need the JMS adapter to achieve this?

Hi David,

no, there should be no need for the JMS Adapter if you are running on wM 7.1 or newer.

You only need certain IBM MQSeries Jars, which should be placed under IntegrationServer/lib/jars/custom directory.
Most likely you will have to restart IS once after placing the jars.

See IS Built-In-Services Guide for pub.jms-Folder as well as IS Administrators Guide and Using_Integration_Server_to_Build_a_Client_for_JMS Guide for how to configure the Built-In JMS functionality.
You can find these configuration under Settings → Messaging → JNDI Settings and Settings → Messaging → JMS Settings in IS Admin.