MQ Options when getting messages

Hi all,

Just wondering what recommendations anyone has regarding the use of the MQ Adapter when getting messages?

We have a need to get messages off a queue and then process them. Each queue will need to run a specific flow service to process the data and there is only ever one type of data on each queue. So a simple if it’s on this queue, run this service, is all we need.

There seems to be various options, the main ones I can see are:

  1. Publish and Subscribe, using a trigger etc. or
  2. A Get Adapter Service.

Option 1 has the advantage that it triggers automatically, so no scheduling. But it seems to be quite convoluted having to set up listeners, publish documents, triggers and so on, when it’s just a one-to-one relationship.

Option 2 seems to be simpler, just get a message and do something with it. But would presumably need adding to a schedule in order to run the process.

I’m leaning towards option 2 as it seems simpler to set up and manage, but I would liked to have been able to automatically trigger the service rather than have to create a schedule.

Am I heading in the right direction, or have I missed the boat completely and should be doing it some other way?

It’s a shame there isn’t an option to just add a flow service directly on the connection screen, in the same way as you do with file polling, just add a polling time and off you go. Seems like such an obvious thing to do to me! (and from my experience exactly how other gateway products interface with MQ, just tell it which queue to get from and what service you want to run against the messages)

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Option 1 can be done by setting an Asynchronous MQ Listener. It will create the publishable doc. You will have to create the trigger for it.

Option 2 can be done using Synchronous MQ Listeners. You can create a Listener to listen on the inbound queue and have it execute a particular service when a msg is picked up from the queue.

Please refer to MQ Adapter User’s guide on how these two types of MQ Listeners work and how to set it up.


Kindly refer wM Architecture docs, CM(Connection Manager) manages all the adapter connections, moreover the parameters mentioned on connection screen are related to a merely connecting to a resource via adapter. (can say it’s jus a plugin).

Once adapter connection is enabled then you can use adapter service templates (corresponding to that resource), in your case it’s MQ adapter service template e.g. GET, PUT etc.

I was wondering how can you use (specify) GET message adapter service (or any other adapter service) even before\while configuring adapter connection??

If still not convinced, kindly refer wM Product development via wM Technical Services.

I believe there is nothing to be shamed off!

Puneet Saxena