MQ Adapter - Unable to retrieve msgHeader/ReplyToQ field

Issue- Unable to retrieve msgHeader/ReplyToQ field from MQ synchronous Listener notification request document.When the message is viewed in MQ ,this field is available, but we are unable to retrieve it in webMethods.
We have several reply queues and we need this field to determine where the reply message should be put to.
We have selected below fields in MQMD section of the adapter notification.


But when we restore the request in the flow service, we can see only MsgId and CorrelId.ReplyToQ and ReplyToQueueManager are not available.The same is available when the meesage is viewed in MQ.
How can we retrieve this in webMethods flow service.

IS – webMethods
wMMQAdapter- ,Patch History - MQS_6.5_Fix25