Moving WM 46 to a new Solrais box

We planned to migrate WM 4.6 developement & production systems running in Solaris 8.1 to Solaris 10. We have IS 4.6, TN 4.6 in one of our production system and IS4.6, TN 4.6, DB running in other system.

Have any of you involved in this kind of infrastructure migration and have u faced any serious issues in this?

Can any one of u list the activities involved in this infrastructure migration?

It will be great if u come across the suggestions and issues faced by u in this kind of migration?


Hi Ravi,

Is that just an OS upgrade? Do your development and production run seperately on different box? I believe you would upgrade your development boxes first, see the impact and then upgrade the Production.

  • Look for things such as:
  1. Properly shutting down the Integration Servers/Brokers
  2. Keep track of unix stuff such as mounts, permissions etc… so that after upgrade they get loaded back correctly…
  3. Does your installation use a built-in JVM or a JVM installed seperately?
  4. Check if there are any patches required to make specific JVM run on Specific OS Versions… with sun.

We have moved from 5.6 to 5.8 and not many issues…

Hi Chirag,
Ya the upgrade is only for OS. We have to move the application as it is running now and no more changes/upgrades from webMethods side. We have development and production systems running in different boxes.
First of all we have to identify / list out the tasks involved in this migration and to estimate the cost and risks involved in this migration. So please let me know the important tasks involved in this kind of migration and also the risks faced by you.



Let me put it this way:

  1. If you have an Integration Server 4.6 running on Solaris 8 and you upgrade Solaris to Solaris 10 and if there is no code stored on that server, then there is no risk…

so the risks are tied to the code that is running on Integration Server and they would be different for case to case…

  1. Effort should be minimal (since it does not perform any change in the Integration Server). We normally go up and running as soon as Solaris is upgraded, and those are being done by the Unix admins. We take down the server, and bring it up.