Moving webMethods to a New Filesystem

Has anyone tried moving their webMethods installation to a new filesystem? We’re currently running 6.0.1 (IS, Broker, TN, Modeler/Monitor) on an AIX 5.1 platform and our SA is reconfiguring our filesystems to allocate more space. He’d like to create a new partition with a different name and move our directories to it. However, he can keep the same name if necessary with some extra work. Would moving it simply be a matter of changing a few variables in the startup scripts, or are there some hidden “gotchas” I should expect? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Hi Michael,

I think a similar problem has been discussed on the forum.

If you are keeping same names, i don’t see much of an issue. With different names, you definitely have to look for few things, especially if the scripts, flow services etc are using absolute paths. Also you have to take care of making sure that your awbrokermon.cfg is having correct information to keep your broker server running.


Thanks Chiraq. I thought there might be an existing thread related to this, but I don’t seem to be having much luck finding it. Any suggestions for what to search on, or a link maybe :-)?

In the meantime, thanks for the suggestions.

Hey Mike - If I understand your question properly, you’re moving your wM install from say /oldDir/webMethods to /newDir/webMethods

If that’s the case, you can tar up the old IS with “tar -cvf /tmp/myWmInstance.tar .” Make sure you do this from the /oldDir/webMethods directory. Then just untar the file into /newDir/webMethods.

Here is the “gotcha” you have to be wary of. You need to run a couple “find” commands to search for references to the old directory and port stored in config files. For example, you can use:

find . -type f -exec grep “OldWebmethodsDir” {} ; -print

Hope that helps.

Hey Rajesh,

Good stuff man, thanks. Our SA will actually do the move, but I’ll use the find to track down where to change the paths. I’ve previously worked with products that embed their installation’s home directory somewhere in their internal binaries or repositories, so I was most concerned about that sort of thing. Naturally, webMethods would never employ such a poor practice :-). Thanks again, hope everything’s going well for you.