Moving webMethods over to a container based micro-service architecture

The most asked question of 2022 was probably the following

How do we move from a traditional monolithic ESB to a container-based micro-service architecture?

Why cats?, because they are cute, this is the internet, and managing micro-services is a little bit like looking after a bunch of these…

There have been a number of articles posted on Tech Community over the last couple of years comparing micro-services to monoliths and explaining how to use our Microservices Runtime to deploy your own and I thought it would be useful to paraphrase them here in one place to help you on your journey.

I also think it is time to revisit the subject of building micro-service-based API with webMethods and so have put together this practical article explaining how to build an API image and deploy it into a Kubernetes environment.

Building an integration micro-service from A to Z with webMethods and Kubernetes

In future articles, we will address how to configure the database components, include adapters as well as share and collaborate efficiently with your fellow developers, and the steps and techniques to help answer our 2022 question above. 2023 will be a big year for webMethods and we look forward to showcasing it here with you.

All that leaves me to say is …

John Carter
Product Manager @ Software AG
Integration & Micro-services