Monitoring webMethods Microservices Runtime with Prometheus and Grafana


Starting 10.3 version, webMethods Microservices Runtime provides /metrics end-point that returns statistics in Prometheus format. This article describes how you can use Grafana and Prometheus to monitor webMethods Microservices Runtime.


Metrics in Prometheus format

Invoking Microservices Runtime with http://localhost:5555/metrics URL returns output in the Prometheus format. It returns statistics for servers and services executing in Microservices Runtime. Statistics such as Java memory, number of threads, number of sessions, service execution requests, and many more are returned to the caller. These data can be consumed by Grafana to display a dashboard for Microservices Runtime metrics. Details about what metrics are provided by /metrics endpoint, refer to  "Developing Microservices with wMMicroservicesRuntime" guide.

Sample provides details about using Grafana and Prometheus to monitor webMethods Microservices Runtime. If you are not running inside Docker container, you can use standalone instructions provided here.


If you have dashboards for webMethods Microservices Runtime, please share it with others in Github under dashboards.