Moving 601 adapter notifications to different IS

hi experts,
I am now involved in a task like
moving the 6.01 adapter notifications from one IS to another .
all the adapter notifications are initially put on a single package.
now it is planned like keeping this package alone in a different IS for better performance.
I want to know the general practice of doing this task with the steps.

hi baba123,
could you please be more specific abt the requirement?

Here is what will help you understand the problem bit better. If you still have questions, help is click away at wMUsers

  1. As a best pratice(one which i try to follow :wink: ), have adapter notifications in different packages for different adapters/connections package. Have this notifications package dependent on the adapter connections package. This will save a lot of trouble in terms of flexibility in moving code around and no interdependencies being created. I know this will result in “too” many packages; the choice between easier day-to-day maintenance vs easier deployment of code once in a while (for stable integrations).

  2. Please refer to Chapter 2 “Package Management” of the JDBC Adapter users guide for more information.

  3. with IS 6.1, you can change which connection an notification uses at “design time”.

I suppose a combination of the above mentioned points will help you understand the issue better.