Mouse Over Pop Up Menu

What CAF control should I use if I want a pop up menu to appear, that has a list of items to choose from, when a mouse over occurs?


You can use modal dialog box for a popup requirement and inside that modal dialog you can put dropdown or anything you wish to have a list of items.

I got it working. :smiley: Thanks!

There is something about it’s behavior I haven’t been able to figure out yet.

When the modal box displays it pushes down all the other controls that are below it. What do I need to do to get the modal box to overlay the other controls instead of pushing them down?

I also can’t control it’s positioning it’s always to the far left. How do I control it’s positioning?

Hi Gilbert,

In that case I suggest to use modeless dialog. It will allow you to access the controls behind your modal and also you can position it whereever you like by draging it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The “Panel > Popup Panel” is another option to do floating panels attached to another control.


What I was referring to is the placement of the control on the design canvas in Designer. Some times when I place a control, say control C on the design canvas between control A and control B it will not stay between components A and B but instead will drop down to the left side of the next line under A and relocating the control B below it. So that instead of having an arrangement like A C B it will end up like this

The reason for this behaviour is that your panel(B) requires more space and can’t be accomodated in between of your components A and C.

You can try the using Block panel, static controls (row, column) and try to define the width of the controls to make the alignment like A B C instead of vertical alignment.

Using a combination of a Static Row Control and Static Cell Control did the trick.