More than one copy into path with different parents

I am attempting to map some variables from from the pipeline. The first variable is an element in an array of which i specify the index that i want. I am able to map it to my target record list variable.

I get the following error whenever I try to map another variable over to my target record list.

More that one copy into the path with different parents(s) b2bcore.0049.9019

Can someone elucidate me on what i am doing wrong.


I’m not sure if this will do the trick, but you can give it a try -

Right click on the map line for your first mapping and select Properties. In the Properties dialog box, there will be an indexing tab. Choose that tab and specify the occurrence of the target record list for your first mapping. You should then be able to do the same for your second mapping.

I can specify the index for the first record list element and it maps fine. However when , i try to map a second record list element it give me the afore mentioned error.

Is this error documented anywhere and is there a recommended solution

Thanks is advance


OK, I think I see what you are trying to do and I was able to get the same message.

If you are not already, try LOOPing over the source record list specifying it as your input array. Specify your target record list as your output array, but make sure you define the target record list as a record and not a record list in the map step within the LOOP. The completion of the LOOP will turn your record into a list. If your target is already defined in the pipeline upon entry to the service, then just map to a temporary structure within the LOOP and after the loop completes, map the temp structure to the target record list.