Monitoring 'Total increased and licensed session' from MWS/OFI 7.1.2


Can you please help me in confirming if we can monitor ‘Total increased and licensed session of IS 6.5’ from MWS/OFI 7.1.2’ ? ‘7-1_Optimize_For_Infrastructure_Administrators_Guide.pdf’ confirms wM has few inbuilt KPIs for session monitoring as fallows, though MWS GUI doesn’t have an option for adding KPI details for session (pls refer attached)

int CurrentNumSessions Yes Current number of client sessions within last minute.
int PeakNumSessions Yes Peak number of client sessions.
int CurrentNumLicensedSession Yes Current number of licensed sessions within last minute.
int PeakNumLicensedSession Yes Peak number of licensed sessions.

If its feasible to add this monitoring then kindly confirm the steps involved.