Monitoring the 4 Golden Signals for webMethods

We are implementing monitoring on our webMethods integration environments and are looking for ways to technically define the 4 golden signals of monitoring (latency, error rates, saturation and traffic). Has anybody had this kind of experience? How did you define each of the signals and the thresholds for them? What mechanism do you currently use to monitor them? Any input would be extremely valuable for our SRE team. We currently are on version 10.7 and the environment consists mostly of Integration Servers.

An option that may fit is wM Optimize and its components.

Per info from @John_Carter4 , no longer an option.

You can also take a look at this - Otelscope.


We aren’t selling Optimize anymore, we now offer integration with standard tooling/practices.

  1. You can use our native prometheus interface to build rules/dashboard for monitoring the health of your webMethods runtime - Obtaining Metrics for a Microservices Runtime
  2. We have 3rd party packages to do what is called APM monitoring with AppDynamics and New Relic too.
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