Monitoring Schedulers from oFI

Hi ,

I want to monitor all the scheduled jobs and ports through OFI.

Is it possible? If yes please let me know how.


Punit Kumar

I dont think we have KPIs availalbe for scheduled jobs. Only Email, FTP, HTTP and HTTPs ports can be monitored through OFI.

Hi Punit,

For scheduled jobs, I can’t reply as I didn’t tested them.

For ports, it’s depending on the level of monitoring you’re looking for : if you want only to check if a port is enabled or not, you have the related KPI on O4I.

Now if you want to monitor port’s usage (# of documents received, # of concurrent connection, pool stuffs, waiting queue, …), O4I is no help as it can’t provide this kind of KPI … which is a shame but it’s another subject …