monitoring CALLNAT RPC services individually via etbinfo

Hi there,

We use EntireX with the java wrapper to call Natural subprograms on the mainframe. In addition, we use etbinfo program on Linux to monitor what’s happening on the broker. Typically we issue a command like:

etbinfo -b ETB099 -d SERVICE

(with some formatting switches omitted for brevity) and that would give us a list of servers and services running on that broker. In the case of ACI services, the etbinfo display is able to tell us down to the level of each individual registered services, e.g.,


where SIS is the server class, RPSERVER3 is the server name, and REPORT,SREPORT are services. Contrasting this with the RPC statistics, we are only able to get:


All of our subprograms which we call via callnats are reporting their statistics via this one line, which ends up being not very useful if they are all lumped in together.

Is there a way to somehow categorize the individual subprograms separately so that their statistics in etbinfo are displayed separately?

Thanks in advance.

You are really looking for some form of Natural monitoring to get that level of statistics. Adabas Review and/or Natural Review Monitor would likely provide that information to you. You might try posting your question on the Adabas/Natural forums to see what others are doing.