Natural RPCs

Good day

I have 7 production rpcs (Rpcs are servers being called from WEB via Entire X, natural modules that are called, write to a DB2 database) running at the moment but the usage on CPU is very high, I would like to know the following please :-

  1. Will adding more RPCs reduce the CPU time?
  2. Is there a way to monitor or get statistics for a single RPC, i. e. the subprograms called and how many times they were called,
  3. Is there any mechanism or module to get statistics on RPCs

many thanks

Are the 7 RPC servers consuming the CPU, or is EntireX ?

More RPCs will not reduce the CPU consumption, because the work still needs to be done, but the throughput might increase in case queues are building up when 7 servers can’t handle the load.

There are no built-in monitoring functions, you might want to build something on the SYSRDC interface.