Monitoring Broker activity in a service.


In 6.1, I monitored the broker activity using, but, unfortunately, as WmBroker stuffs moved to MWS, this service is not anymore available on 7.1

Is any webMethods service that can provide broker statistics ?

As a workaround, I’m currently working on a Java service that retrieves information using Broker API but it’s boring.



Well, I haven’t found any information so I finished my Java development (yeah).

I used getStats() and getUsageStats() but I haven’t found any reference in the documentation about all persistent* figures (as persistentDiskFree).

Does someone can tell me what they represents ?




In which class are those two methods? I typically use BrokerAdminClient.getBrokerStats().


Ah, I see - mine hits a specific Broker, you used BrokerServerClient, which reports on the overall Broker Server.

I’m surprised to see the persistent terminology - that’s a holdover from the Broker pre-6.x, when documents could be volatile, persistent, or guaranteed. With 6.x and above, persistent documents were folded in under the guaranteed behavior.

It could explain why “persistent” figures stays at 0 in this case.