Modify the logic in a web service connector

Hi All,

I am new to webservices development. I have a WSDL document from my partner, and I’ve created the descriptors and connectors from the WSDL in the developer.

Now, there will be some logic in each web service connector. I wanted to know if I can modify that logic as per my needs, and if yes , then how can I do that?

Please help me out.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Nishanth,
A generated webservice connector is no different than a flow service and it is not odd to change the implementation for your requirements (infact you can simulate a connector with a flow service), like adding a soap header, populating end point URL etc.

if your change is a bigger one then you better do it in a different flow and plug it into the connector service, otherwise you can do that in the connector itself. But only proper testing can save you from any bugs they slipped into, in the way.