Modelering tracking in TN

Hi ,
I have a requirement where a Service 1 calls TN ,which invokes Service 2. Service 2 also submits to TN and calls service 3 via processing rules.
Modeler gets triggered by a publishable document and invokes Service 1 as 1st step.

How can I create a modeler process to track Service 1, service 2 and service 3.
I tried to correlate extracting the conversation ID in TN. Though I am able to get the ConversationID and ProcessInstanceId is Service 2 but any failure in Service 2 doesnt reflect in Process Model.

Thanks in advance.


i assume that you created only one process model with three steps…each one invoking services 1, 2 and 3 respectively.if not, if you are using referenced processes, then set the ProcessInstanceId of all the three process models to a customId.First hardcode the value and check.