mod_jk.dll not found.. but it IS there

I receive the error “module not found” everytime i try to start apache. However, I verified the filename and path three times and even copied the .dll to the apache/modules directory and edited “C:\Programme\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino WebDav Server 3.1.3\jakarta-tomcat\conf\jk\xdav-apache.conf” accordingly. Nothing helps ! Any idea?

Syntax error on line 2 of C:/Programme/Software AG/Tamino/Tamino WebDav Server 3.1.3/jakarta-tomcat/conf/jk/xdav-apache.conf: Cannot load C:/Programme/Apache Group/Apache2/modules/mod_jk.dll into server: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.


do you possibly have an old mod_jk.dll somewhere in your Apache environment? This could also be from another application than Tamino WebDAV Server. This is a situation where the install process might have difficulties.

Pls check your httpd.conf for mod_jk.dll entries, clean it up and try TWS installation again.


That did not help at all. A complete reinstallation of Apache 1.3.26 (manually configured) and a configuration of WEBDAV using the WEBDAV CONSOLE did not help. I can not access http://localhost/taminowebdavserver or http://localhost:4000/taminowebdavserver. In the second case I get Error 503 “Server is starting” all the time. :confused:

A complete reinstallation of tamino on ports 32000-32100 helped. I do not know why, but now it works…