Missing XML Data in doc produced by XMLNodeToDocument


We are parsing an XML file that is detached from an e-mail in the e-mail port and stored in a Node.


When we take the node as input for XMLNodeToDocument, then the processing instruction <?xml-stylesheet…> is not mapped into the document, although the data is present in the node.

The latter has been checked with the Sample View of the service queryXMLNode. Also if we try to get the processing instructions through an XQL-statement pi(), we get the information in a node but after converting it to a document with xmlNodeToDocument the data is lost.

Does anybody know if it is possible with WebMethods to pass the (customer defined) process instructions to a document, or does it only recognize the tag <?xml> next to the business data?

The reason why we need this, is because we need to forward the XML to another application (which need the xml-stylesheet data) after we have parsed it in Integration Server.

Version: IS 6.0.1 sp 2

Any help is welcome!