Missing SAP IDoc confirmation

Dear all,
for interfacing webMethods into SAP ERP 6.0 we use SAP adapter service “pub.sap.transport.ALE:OutboundProcess” started by a trigger. Process is serial within one trigger but parallel for different triggers. We have about 40 different triggers.
Message from broker is deleted only when SAP confirms.

As I know we send following message only if we get some kind of confirmation from SAP. Internally?

Soemtime it happens that only one trigger (mostly the trigger running the whole day without stop) stops sending messages to SAP. The rest is working.

I found in SAP SM21 the following error message:
Communication error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 223

CPI-C function: CMSEND(SAP)

We have no chance to restart the waiting messages so the workaround is to reboot webMethods server.

Two question:
What does this SAP error means?
Ho can we either resend SAP confirmation or webMethods message?

Hope anyone can help.



SAP return code 223 means “Network read error”.

So while trying to read data from the network socket, the connection broke down.
A firewall cutting the connection, while one side is waiting for the response from the other side?
Could also be that the R/3 work process on the other side of the connection crashed. Check, whether the SysLog shows any entries at the same time.

I think you should not have to reboot the webMethods server. Just try a “Logout” for the corresponding SAP Alias. This will flush all existing connections from the RFC connection pool (so any stale/broken ones are gone), and then a new pool will be generated upon the next RFC request.

And have your network admin investigate the issue. Note 500235 is a good point where to start tracing network problems.