missing .img

I am missing an .img file for a control, is it possible to regenerate it manually?? Or can the system survive a nullpointerexception??:

Request for resource Timer.clock.img type beanimages/
java.io.FileNotFoundException: /Software AG/repos/admin\beanimages/Timer.clock.img
at java.io.FileInputStream. (bytecode 57)
at java.io.FileInputStream. (bytecode 5)
at com.covigo.repository.FileRepository.getInputStream (bytecode 77)
at com.covigo.repository.FileRepository.getInputStream (bytecode 15)
at com.covigo.repository.RepositoryMgr.getResource (bytecode 65)
at com.covigo.repository.RepositoryMgr.getResource (bytecode 53)
at com.covigo.flow.model.ModelVarDef.a (bytecode 56)
at com.covigo.flow.model.ModelVarDef.newObject (bytecode 8)
at com.covigo.flow.model.ModelVarDef.get (bytecode 25)
at com.covigo.flow.data.DefaultSessionData.getValue (bytecode 13)
at com.covigo.flow.action.CustomAction.a (bytecode 248)
at com.covigo.flow.action.CustomAction.exec (bytecode 6)
at com.covigo.flow.action.ListAction.exec (bytecode 31)
at com.covigo.flow.action.TransitionAction.exec (bytecode 39)
at com.covigo.flow.action.ListAction.exec (bytecode 31)
at com.covigo.flow.controller.DefaultController.exec (bytecode 28)
at com.covigo.flow.Manager.exec (bytecode 97)
at com.covigo.server.CovigoServer.run (bytecode 121)
Unable to obtain entry for ‘Timer.clock.img’ in ‘com.covigo.repository.FileRepository@86b’ repository
Failed to load image for ‘clock’ java.lang.NullPointerException

I’m a little bit confused.
Do you expect, that the system should ignore the
NullpointerException? But perhaps I do not have enough details to understand your question.
If there is a problem and you need support, please send an example project so that support can reproduce the problem and help you.


I don’t want it to bypass the nullpointerexception (althou I wonder why it does keep running). The error is an missing .img file, and because of this the system works in a stange way. Therefore I want to create them.

(I have emailed you the project, need some sort of confidentiality)