Missing files from Monitor directory

Hello Team,

We met with an issue where files got deleted from one of the server through Putty from Monitor directory for one of the interface.
Could you please suggest how can we restore the files at that time span where the files got deleted.

Note: unfortunately there is no backup for the paths where the files got deleted that’s our bad luck and we don’t know what are the file names so that we can ask the other team from where they comes up, this is not possible now as we don’t have file names. We just know the time span when the files got deleted.Can we recover them?

Please suggest.

As you said you don’t have any snapshot backup of the file system including the said folder, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to recover it.

The other way that you might try is since you aware what fixes you’ve installed, you might want to install the wM products in another folder and update it with the same fixes you’ve. Then you may overwrite the monitor folder with the new installed one. But that’s not 100% guarantee that it will work, depending on whether there is any discrepancy in your steps in the process.

Thanks for the reply.

Adding more details to the issue stated.
If we can check for the path now where the files got deleted, That path is related to file polling directory.

So the files cant stay for longer time, lets say its been set to 10 min the files are picked up after the time span from the location where we lost them.In that time span of 10 min we lost the files.

I also want to know that the files which we were lost from monitor directory will show its impact on?


Due to that is a temp folder which IS file polling will monitor and pull the files from, then there will be no way for you to recover if you’ve accidentally removed those files.