missing "closed content" in TAMINO Manager V. 4

compared with V 3.1 there is no Closed Content (XML-) property anymore. Why ?

From tamino v3 the “closed content” parameter moved from the database level to the schema level, so it is possible to specify from schema to schema if open content is allowed or not. Therefore the “closed content” only really applied to Tamino v2 schemas. Since v4 no longer support Tamino v2 schemas the “closed content” no longer has any purpose, and therefore removed.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Because it is now a property of the individual schema definitions (which as far as I remember was also the case for version 3.1, but NOT for version 2 schemas under 3.1)

Hello there.

If you are interested in setting the open/closed content property, it is possible in the code view. After defining a schema in Tamino, a section resembling the following will be found in the schema definition:
   <tsd:schemaInfo name = “A”>
      <tsd:collection name = “constraints”></tsd:collection>
      <tsd:doctype name = “A”>

(You can see - and edit - this in the “Code” view in the Schema Editor.)

I hope that helps,