MILayer service

Hi, I installed tamino server 4.2.1 on a Windows 2003 Server. The installation worked, but now there is a conflict between the MILayer service and another service on the system. Does anybody know how I can configure the MILayer service to eliminate this conflict?

Hello, My first guess (what is the error?) would be the port number is already in use.

You can use regedit to see what is assigned to the MILayer (Management Independent Layer), e. g., HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Software AG/System Management Hub/MILayer.

The default values are 9990 for the Tcp_Ip_Port, 9991 for the HTTP_Port, and 9992 for the Snmp_Port.

Either modify the the other application or the MILayer to use a different free port number. For the MILayer you will have to modify the port(s) using the regedit utility.

You can also use the netstat -a command (from a command prompt) to confirm the ports that are already in use at the time of the error. You can use this to compare to the ones assigned to the MILayer Service and check for any conflicts. Rob