Migration to Tamino 4


In a aplication based in Tamino verison 3 I have this code lines:

doc=m_Tamino.DoQuery (“NextId [@Object=“SESSION”]”);

now I’m using Tamino version 4 and “GetTotalCount” always return 0 ! although I have one document with the condition Moreover, the xml returned by “DoQuery” have this document!

If I quit “StartSession” call then run well.

And if I test with the new API method
"BeginSession" I get 0 results. :confused:

What is happening ?

Unfortunately this method was deprecated for Tamino 2.1 and above and you have now discovered why. However, if you REALLY do need this number a workaround would be to issue a query of the form “count(query)” and this would tell you how many documents match the query.

It means that i must change “GetTotalCount” for "count(query) in my aplications for Tamino 3.1… too ?

Sorry - it seems that I misled you.

The ActiveX control that ships with Tamino 4 defaults to using the new cursoring that came in with Tamino 3. However, you can switch to using the old cursoring if you wish - it’s just that it is not as reliable/performant.

To do this with the Tamino 4 ActiveX control use the method UseRealCursoring as:

Call TamX.UseRealCursoring(0)

I believe this should give you the behaviour that you want.

Ok, thanks for all

The reason the new cursoring was made the default is that the old cursoring will no longer be supported in a future release. So you would be better off migrating to the new cursoring if possible.