Migration of packages that contain java services

Our typical package deployment process is as follows (we are still in “manual mode”):

  • developer exports package.zip from developer and checks in to SourceSafe
  • Administrator gets package.zip from SourceSafe; ftps to IntegrationServer/replicate/inbound
  • Administrator navigates to Packages>Management>Install Inbound Release and installs the release.

Usually this works fine. However, if the version of the package installed on the server contains java service “A” and the new version of the package does not contain java service “A” (it was deleted because no longer used). Upon package installation, the java service “A” still exists in the package and the package partially loads because of a class not found error.

Should we be doing something different in our package migration/installation process to address this situation?

It is an extra step (not to mention a pain), but I’ve always found that deleting that package first and then installing it works best most of the time.