Migration of flow services between environments

We are currently using the publish and subscribing of releases method to migrate code between different environments.
I would like to know if we can use deployer to perform these tasks and also let me know which is the better and preferred method.

Also i would like to reveal that we rarely migrate a lot of packages and most of the time it will be just a flow service or a folder in the package.

Which wM version are you using?

Deployer is a far better approach than the publish/subscribe, be it a partial or full migration of a package. It reduces the efforts and chance of missing any required component/dependencies to a very large extent.

I would always suggest Deployer.

We are using 6.5 version.

We also use 6.5 and Deployer working excellent for us. The best feature I like about deployer over pub/sub is that it always prompts you if you have missed any dependent component. It also generates a report to confirm if all the components have been successfully migrated.

I also strongly encourage the use of Deployer.

I’d also recommend deploying full packages not partials, along with using the version property of the package to know what has been deployed to each environment.


I Think Deployer is a good idea for migrating packages.Since it is an easy process and it also recognizes the required permissions for a particular flow service.

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