Migration of BPMS with IS from 8.2 to 9.12

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone in this group performed a full migration of their BPMS and IS server from an 8.2 version to a 9.12 version.
( or anything past 9.8 )

If I follow the SAG documentations, we’re suppose to gr from 8.2 to 9.8 and then 9.8 to 9.12.

Has anyone in here has done this before ?

How did the “running instances” enjoyed the ride ?
Any tips, advices, pitfall to avoid ?

Thanks for sharing.


(We have CAF applications that interact with our BPMS)


I only did 7.1.3 to 8.2.2 but my advice is:

  • stop everything from the 8.2.2 installation before proceeding - all processes and databases;
  • make sure the old installation cannot start by accident (put an exit on top of the start scripts, disable services, etc);
  • backup everything, specially the databases;
  • copy the old databases to the new db instances (you’re not going to reuse the db server/instance, only its structures, artifacts and data);
  • migrate the database and then the installation following the migration procedure;
  • verify no errors occured on the migration procedure (db and installation);
  • start the new services one-by-one (first broker/um, then IS, etc, last is MWS);
  • if all is well, re-start everything again.

The key factor here is to ensure the old environment is not touched so you can easily rollback.

Make sure everything is working correctly (run all your regression tests) before proceding to the 9.12 migration.

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