Upgrade from 7.1.2 to 9.0

Hi all,

Does someone have an experience of migrating from 7.1.2 to 9.0 ?

In our situation we would surely make a side by side migration.


Yes a lot migrations are happening to 9.0 and Side by side is good apporach. What exactly you want to know?

Indeed I was surprised not to find any topic about this kind of upgrade in this forum…

I was wondering if this kind of migration was painful or not. More over as we may change the OS at the same time our migration would more be a complete installation on new servers, keeping all functionalties and packages.

I never had to manage this kind of work as I am only skilled in development in WebMethods.

Any advice is welcome !


Side by side migration is not complex if you have hands on experience in migration projects

Since your knowledge is limited to development, i suggest you proceed with professional sevices

In case, if you want look more into migration below are few steps that need to followed

1)Back your current env

2)Since you are upgrading, it is good time to change/Implement architecture. make sure you prepare good architecture by discuss more with your team & clients

3)Prepare new OS with all installed patchs. Make sure your system requirements should good and matched.

  1. migrate DB components so that all TN Componets are moved correctly and run normalizeTimeStamp Scrips

4)Install IS server,broker,MWS etc, do cluster where ever required, install patchs and perform env test

5)Migrate packages, adapters, schedulers, ACLS, Remove all depercated services

6)Do Unit test

7)Go for system testing

Note: A lot more missed and not easy to explain all steps. Refer Migration guide or Take help of expert/professional service

Thank you Sai. Nice to read you again.

Your advices confort me in my opinion. I am more used to work on SAP projects on the ABAP stack ( and Java stack too ) . In WebMethods I used to work on the development side so an upgrade like this one is really a new adventure for me .

Have a nice day.