Migration from Windows to HP-UX - Flat File Issue


We are currently planning to migrate our webMethods Integration Server from
Windows 2003 Server Platform to 64-bit HP-UX Itanium Platform

I would like to know whether anyone has experiences about this kind of migration, esp regarding flat file procesisng in which Windows is using CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed), while HP-UX is using CR.

My concerns are whether I need to do any code modification to allow Windows-HP-UX interopereability.

  1. Basic Flat File Processing (i.e. reading/writing Windows Files from the Unix-based I.S.)
  2. Basic Flat File Processing with Encryption (PGP)
    → since encryption (PGP) is pretty byte-sensitive (i.e. CRLF will be different from CR), does it pose a problem after I migrate from Windows to Unix
  3. FTP Get/Put File
    Aware of any issues FTP Put/Get from a Windows-based FTP Server

Appreciate your expertise

Thanks in advance

Hi Stephen,

i would give it a second thought because from my knowledge the itanium platform is currently not supported by the JDK5 and JDK6 and I guess JDK5 may be necessary with future SAG/webMethods Versions, although 7.1 still runs with and is supported with the usage of JDK 1.4.2