Migration from IBM AIX to RH Linux for wM IS, MWS, Broker


As part of upgrade/ migration from 8.2 to 9.7/9.8 we are planning to move from IBM AIX to RH Linux.

What all extra we need to do excluding what we follow on side by side migration? Will the standard migration scripts which comes with 9.7 installation would work if we bring the existing Integration Server as tar ( from AIX box which has 8.2 installation) and bring to Linux host where 9.7/9.8 installation IS instance is build?


Manish – I would suggest you please go through SAG provided documents for migration also search in this portal to get member’s experience on this specific thing.



OS migration in combination with wM Upgrade is not recommended for several reasons.

If you are using APIs with native portion (i.e. SAP JCo), you will have to replace them with a newer version as the original version might no longer be available to public.

Dependent on which jvm your were using on AIX (SUN/Oracle or IBM) you will a change in jvm supplier as well introducing additional risks.

When using Broker, this will not run on the new OS as it is OS-dependent as well as some SCG-Fixes (esp. SSX).

You should consider a step-by-step migration:

  • first migrating to new OS, then migrate wM
  • first migrating wM, then migrate to new OS

I would prefer the second option due to the risks I mentioned under native APIs and Broker.