Migration from 401 to 47 SAPBC invoke not working

We are migrating from SAPBC 4.01 to 4.7
Older 4.01 services that went through the “conversion process” have been modified to use the new SAP calls and are working fine. However, when I create a new service to talk to SAP I get the following error when that service is invoked from outside of webMethods:
“(403) Forbidden”

  • The security setup for all services accessing SAP are the same. And again, the old services still work fine.
  • All services (old and new) work from the developer
  • We are invoking all of these services from a web based B2B application
    I think this is a security issue but all of the security (ACLs) are setup the same for this application. Again, the old services work and anything created after the conversion to 4.7 does not.
    What am I missing here?