Migration Adabas file with USERISN options from MF to LINUX

Hi everyone,
I would like to know how can I migrate an Adabas file with the USERISN options from MF to LINUX.

Thanks in advanced


When decompressing the file on the mainframe specify the ISN option:


When loading the file on Linux specify the USERISN option to ADACMP.

If I understand the documentation correctly, you have to use the Parameter SOURCE_ARCHITECTURE to define the endianness if your LINUX runs on a little endian architecture (e.g. INTEL).


Thanks a lot Matthias, so, I noticed that the cvt_fmt utility has a subparameter called -i which means records include USERISNs. My questions is: Can I use the -i option when I transferred the Adabas File downloaded with ADACMP DECOMPRESS INFILE=nnn,ISN ?

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