Migrating tasks to one environment to another environment

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We need to migrate the task instances in MWS from one environment to another environment. What would be the possible options to migrate the data? Can anybody suggest how to migrate the task instances?

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Your query is not clear. Are you speaking about upgrade where you want to move your process model and tasks from one version to another version?

You said, migration of task instances from one environment to another, which means both the env are in same version. Why would you want to migrate task instance specifically?

Thanks Senthil for your reply.
It’s not upgradation. We have migrated the whole code from test to Stage environment. We are using some business rules, and users are tested with the actual data and they want the same data to be in production. So they are asing to migrate the task instances. I am able to migrate the task instances, but work flow is not working because, each task has one process instance. So my question is how to migrate the task instances and process instances from one environment to another.

I am not very sure how to do that. Process instances and task instance details will be stored in the db right… So if you point your staging environment to refer to test env database, will it work? Or make a copy of database schema from test to stage and see if it shows all process/tasks instances from your staging environment.


Yes, the process instances and task instance details will be stored in the db. But if you make a dump of the db schema, it will affect the existing tables in the same schema and the same schema might be using other projects as well.

There are no scripts provided by sag to move instances from one schema to another by appending in the existing schema.

You might have to do something from the back end though I am not sure how much it can be easily achieved. The process instance information sits in WMPROCESS table whereas process metadata information sits in WMPROCESSDEFINITION table. Details from WMPROCESS has to be moved from your test to stage, but there might be more tables that are involved which stores respective details.

How did you migrate task instances?


Hi Senthil,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes you are correct, there are lot of tables involved.
I have verified in the below link.
Migrate Task Run-Time Data – check this section.

So I tried and able to migrate the task instances…

– Partha

This section describes how to migrate task run time data from 7.x to 8.x, which is followed by migrating Process model using dbConfigurator scripts.