Migrating Scheduled Tasks

Hi All,

I want to migrate scheuled tasks defined in Scheduler from DEV to QA. How can I do that? Currently migration of packages is performed via Publish-Subscribe mechanism. Is there any way to migrate scheduled tasks/sevices with this method. We are not using Deployer.


For migrating scheduler tasks Dev to another IS env,just copy the IS/config/jobs.cnf file and restart the IS.You should see all the scheduled jobs in QA IS.


Thanks for your prompt reply and i’ll try it.

Is the same applicable for version 10.3

The mechanism to store information about scheduled tasks has changed starting with webMethods Integration Server 7.x. The information is now stored in a database and no longer stored in jobs.cnf configuration file. The scheduler task information is stored in the table IS_USER_TASKS that is part of the ISInternal schema.

Hi Shahbaz,

Thanks for your reply.
So if i want to migrate schedulers also than i need to clone this particular table or there is some other way to do it?

Hi Saurabh,

In this case you will have to use Deployer as this allows deployment of administrative artifacts beside of packages.
Or you can just newly create the scheduled tasks on the target after deploying the packages.


DB export / import is an option, but you have to be careful and make sure you know what you do.
#1) The UUID needs to remain unique
#2) The target server names may need to change or jobs will not be executed.
#3) Input values might need adjustments
#4) State and RunningOn (jobs maybe active in the moment you exported DB).
etc. many more points to take care.


regarding point 2 from Holm´s list:
Best way will be to set the scheduled tasks to run on “Any Server”.
Make sure that you are not transporting system schedulers defined by IS itself, i.e. monitor.imageCleanup.

If I remember right Deployer has the option to modify the tasks during deployment by using variable transformation defined in the deployment map for the target server.