Migrating ES to 50x

I am not going to migrate to 6.0.x at this time!

However, I’ve ran into size limitations that require me to upgrade to 5.0.x. So hopefully someone can answer these questions for me:

Are the JDBC, XML, and B2BServicePackage adapters part of the base installation or do I need to do separate installs for them like I did w/ 4.1.1?

I have no need for the EI adapters, but do I still need to (or should I) install the ETools and JVM like I did w/ 4.1.1?

Much appreciated!

No, all of the adapters you mentioned have their own individual installation programs. For the 5.x ES it is only the ES that has upgraded to this version level. The adapters are still remain scattered across various 4.x levels like XML 4.2, JDBC 4.2,4.6 and BrokerPackage 4.6.

I think you will be happy with the 5.x upgrade as it eliminates the size restrictions that 4.x version imposed. Also, once you migrate to 5.x, the move to 6.x is very easy as you can point a 6.x executable to a 5.x storage file and you are off and running, no migration needed (unless you want to convert EI components into flows to use the new 6.x features).

We do not use any of the EI adapters and did not install the ETools or JVM that comes with that installation. We are using a core 4.1.1 install, with the separate adapters/BrokerPackage installed on top of this 4.1.1. core.

Hope this helps!