Migrating BPM project to DBO project

With the introduction of Dynamic Business Process(DBO), process modelling now includes more dynamic actions and flexibility of use; moreover DBO process is more aligned with the industrial BPM standards. This document gives a step by step guide to migrate the classical BPM processes to DBO processes.

    Prerequisites for Migration

The following products are the prerequisites before going ahead with the migration.

·        Designer

·        Integration Server

·        My webMethod Server (to view the DBO process after deployment)

·        Universal Messaging.

Step by Step guide to migrate BPM project to DBO

1.    Open the Eclipse Designer.


2.    Import the BPM project in the Designer. This is to understand how the BPM project is design. If the designer knows the BPM project then this step can be skipped. 

3.    In Designer go to File ->Import->SoftwareAG->Process File as a Dynamic Business Process.

4. Click Next Button

5. In the next Window provide the following in the Migrate a Process File to a Dynamic Business Process.

a.    In the Source Process File, for File browse for the process file that needs to be migrated. In the Project provide the IS Package name (the one used for BPM project).

b.    In the Target Dynamic Business Process, Click on New and provide the name of Dynamic Business Process Project.

c.    In the Migration Report browse for the location where you want the migration logs to be stored.



6.    Click on Finish. A Pop up comes asking to switch to Dynamic Process Development view. Click OK.


7.    The BPM process gets migrated to DBO  and one can see the project under Dynamic Processes tab.

8.    The migration report will be available in the location specified in Step 5c

The migration report will be in the following format

<ProcessName>_ MigrationReport<Date><Time>.log.

For example: ValidateShipmentOrder_MigrationReport2018_11_13 095752AM.log. The log will have the information of all the necessary changes that needs to be made to the DBO project.

  Go through the migration report, to see the errors and changes that needs to be explicitly made to the DBO process model. For example:

a.      Received/Send task

b.      Gateways: All the conditional inbound and outbound sequences of BPM will be replaced by Gateways

c.      Call Activity

d.      Some transitions might not be completed and will need corrections.