DAP - DBO Process To Case


This article describes detailed steps about DBO Process to AgileApps Case & Case To Process which involves the following topics as well:

  • How to install DAP Products
  • How to create simple DBO Process to Case
  • How to import DAP assets
  • How to trigger DBO Process to Case, Case to Process
  • How to view the process instances and Agile Apps cases

About DBO and DAP Products:

DBO is the new Process Engine formally known as interpreted Process Engine. DBO and DBM will slowly replace classic Process Engine and Optimize respectively. Most of the DBO features will align to BPMN standards. All upcoming features will be implemented in new systems rather than classic/legacy systems.


Process Engine support will continue for few more years. The intention is to support migration in a limited form for the 10.1 (2017Oct) release.

  • Web Based Process Monitoring is implemented through Business Console UI with additional features like Breakpoint, Pause, Insert Dynamic Process, Resume.
  • New Instance and Step Statuses are added for better monitoring
  • Existing non-BPMN and conflicting features like Runtime configurations (Optimize locally), Error Handler configurations under Process Properties, etc has been removed
  • The mapping service functionality is deprecated
  • Introduced Custom IDs, single IS node execution, single Process Model file (which includes all the definitions including flow services), service protocol for DES events, Moving Asset Generation to Runtime (so only Upload Process which takes very less time), Moving Dead path to Runtime, mandate Gateways, better Error handling mechanisms, Resubmit option for every step,  etc.


  1. Install DAP Agile or Enterprise Edition Products :  IS, MWS, DBO, Designer, AgileApps, UM (Optional: DES, Optimize) (Refer iwiki)
  2. After installation, start IS, MWS, UM servers.
  3. Refer iwiki and complete post-installation steps for: 
Configure MWS with https, update https MWS url under TaskEngine & Business Console Admin

      4. Enable sso between MWS and AgileApps : Add below line at the end of the MWS wrapper file as mentioned in iwiki:             


Simple DBO Process To Case:

  1. Login to Agile Appshttps://<MachineName>.eur.ad.sag:8284/networking/servicedesk/index.jsp] with default tenant credentials.
    1. Tenant name: Administrator
    2. Tenant password: manage
  2. <This step is default in latest versions> Configure IS: AgileApps->Settings->Account Management -> DAP Configuration. Enter Administrator/manage
  3. Create Case Type object with required fields and forms within Service desk application.  Settings > Case Types > New Case Type
  4. If needed Case type object could be created in new application. Create Application: Settings-> Applications->Create New Application 
  5. In the Designer, Create DBO process with start document (from IS) and case step
  • Under Palette > Activities “Case Task” step is seen, drag and drop it into needed DBO process.
  • Click on Case Task step and Go to Properties > Implementation,  Browse for created case type object in step2
  • Under pipeline view map start document fields with case fields as needed so field values are propagated in the process
  • Save the process

   6.  Upload DBO process and trigger its instance by publishing start document with some values.

   7.  In Agile Apps verify that case type record is created. Set status of the case type record to “Closed”.

   8.  Verify that process instance gets completed on closing case record in Business Console.

Importing DBO and AgileApps Assets:

Lets see how to import DAP assets and trigger DBO to Case and vice versa. Download the attached files.

  • Import DBO Project assets in Designer (DBOCaseProjects.zip)  :  if required, repair Task and upgrade Rules projects
  • Import IS package (DBOCasePackage.zip) ->

Copy this zip file to C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\replicate\inbound. Open IS (http://localhost:5555), Packages ->Management->Install Inbound Releases -> Select the package and Install

  • Import AgileApps Package: 
  1. Login AgileApps https://localhost:8284/networking/servicedesk/index.jsp using Administrator/manage
  2. Configure IS. Settings->Account Management -> DAP Configuration. Enter Administrator/manage

  3. Click on settings→Application Management → packages → Install from file.

Trigger DBO Process To Case

  1. In Designer, Open DBO Perspective. Connect IS Server. (Windows->Preferences->Software AG-> Integration Servers)
  2. If Task step is involved, connect MWS Server (Window->Show View->Others->Servers : Sysadmin/manage can be given if prompted)
  3. Sync IS Documents : Package Navigator -> Select Default (IS Node) -> File -> Sync Document Types -> Sync All
  4. Open DBO Process: Solutions-> DBOCaseProject/DBOCaseProcess1 and upload the process.
  5. Note: Task and Rule step can be deleted from the process model if not required. And upload the process model.
  6. Trigger IS Document  DBOCaseShipment.docs.request:OrderDocAllDataTypes. Since it is DES Document, trigger using flow service DBOCaseShipment.utils:PublishOrderDocAllDataTypes. Right Click -> Run As-> Flow Service. Click Load and Replace with file OrderDocAllDataTypes_InputFinal.txt. Set Quantity as 1002.0 (>1000 to trigger Case)

      7. If Process does not trigger, check IS Server logs for errors. Make sure no errors under WmDBO IS Package home.


Monitoring from Business Console and AgileApps

  1. Open BC https://localhost:8586/business.console.dbo#/processes/
  2. Open latest instance of the DBO Process DBOCaseProcess1. Process would be running due to a Case Step which has to be Closed.
  3. There is a Case step with navigation link. Click on it to see Case details.
  4. Update few details if required and Mark Closed.
  5. Same Case can be seen from BC Home Tab (WHN). 
  6. Same Case can be seen from AgileApps.
  7. Process will continue and Completes.

Case To Process

  1. Same Case is configured with another DBO Process.
  2. So whenever AgileApps Case is created, it triggers another DBO process if condition meets.
  3. On clicking the triggered DBO process, it navigates to Monitor DBU page
  4. Case completes with updated pipeline from DBO Process. DBO Process here completes with updated pipeline from Case.


DBO replaces Process Engine for BPMN process, Business Console replaces MWS for monitoring, DBM will replace Optimize for Analytics.

These new products are cloud-enabled to align with WebMethods Product suite which is moving towards cloud.

Dec3_DBOProcessToCase.zip (199 KB)