Migrate to WM and oracle 19c


We are planning to upgrade from WM9.12 to WM10.5.
In the same time we want to upgrade to oracle19c, which is supported since the 10.3 version.
This migration will be done usign fresh install of servers, IS and DBs.

Is anyone already using this version of oracle (if yes with which WM version) ?
Did you encounter major issues with it ?

Thanks for your contribution

Hi Vincent,

what is your current database version?
Oracle 12c I assume?

Your DBA might be able to assist you by copying the current schema to the new database and then run Database Configurator to migrate the schema to the new version.

When using the JDBC Adapter remember to update your ojdbc driver jar to the matching version.

Copy your current IS installation to the new box and install the new instance in a different installation directory.
After that you can run the migration utility to move and upgrade your implementation.

See Upgrade Documentation for further informations.


Hi Vincent,

Just looking on this thread: :grinning:
Yes with ISv9.12/10.3 working fine having loaded with thin driver (ojdbc7.jar) configuration connecting to ORA-19C Rel-1… so far it looks promising though!


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I would prefer updating the ojdbc.jar to a newer version (i.e. ojdbc8.jar from a more recent Release).
Otherwise the Adapter might not be able to use the JDBC 4 specific features.

These drivers are available from Oracle Download section for free download.

The last ojdbc7.jar I am aware is from JDBC Driver
From onwards there is only an ojdbc8.jar available, some newer releases from the 19c releases might also contain an ojdbc10.jar, this might will probably not work with the current wM releases as I didn´t notice that any of them is certified against Java 10 or newer.


Hi rmg,

Are you saying you are able to connect to 19C oracle database from WM9.12 version?
Can you please let me know which version of JDBCadapter did you use?

Hi Sangamesh,

we are using JDBC Adapter 9.10 for connecting to Oracle 12c, but we will test this with Oracle 19c soon.
Driver being used is ojdbc8.jar from JDBC Driver for usage with JVM 8 and later.
Make sure to an ojdbc8.jar (or ojdbc7.jar) with wM 9.12 on JVM 8.

ojdbc10.jar is not yet supported by wM as there is currently no release available which is certified against JVM 11+ (JVM 11 is a LTS-supported version while JVM 10 is not).

JDBC Adapter is the latest one working with wM 9.10 and newer before switching to JDBC Adapter 10.1 or 10.3 which can be used with either wM 10.1+ or wM 10.3+ (the version of the Adapter matches the minimum version of wM installation with which it can be used).



Have a look at the Adapters Requirements Guide for supported driver/database versions for the Adapter versions.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

We are using WM9.7 and JDBC adapter 6.5. Oracle client and Ojdbc 14 and 7 jars.
Do you think upgrading just oracle client to 12v here, can this be compatible with latest Oracle 19c Database??

Hi Sangamesh,

please remove the ojdbc14.jar completely (it was built with Java 1.4) and use (replace it with) ojdbc7.jar (which was built with JVM 7).
Update ojdbc7.jar to Oracle client version (the last one which has an ojdbc7.jar available).

ojdbc14.jar has some issues with LOB handling when driver is running in thin mode which is needed by the JDBC Adapter as long as you are not adding the native oci library for the driver.

Additionally check if it is possible for you to update the JDBC Adapter to version 9.0.
See JDBC Adapter users guide for how to migrate the services to match the new services templates (there is a migration service inside the updated Adapter package).

Furthermore you should consider upgrading to wM 9.12/wM 10.x, which provide newer versions of the JDBC Adapter (9.10, 10.1 and 10.3). These versions are running in JVM 8 and therefore support newer versions of ojdbc8.jar, which will make use of the new JDBC 4 features resulting in better performance and stability.


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