Migrate Deployer Projects from 8.2 to 9.8

How can I migrate/transfer all the older projects in 8.2 Deployer onto 9.8 Deployer.


Hello Manoj,

The migration of all the old projects from 8.2 Deployer to 9.8 Deployer is not possible because the deployer is supported only for migrating the same source webMethods server version to same target webMethods server version.

For Example the deployer is supported for the migration from source server wM v8.2 to target server wM8.2 or source server wM v9.5 to target server wM9.5


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I don’t believe he’s asking whether he can deploy from an 8.2 to a 9.8 environment. He’s asking if he can migrate projects from an 8.2 Deployer to a 9.8 Deployer.

That being the case, yes, you can. In fact, the upgrade guide has a whole section on “Completing the Asset Build Environment and Deployer Upgrades”, which states “You can migrate all Deployer global (default) settings, server aliases, target groups, and projects using the Integration Server migration utility.”



Thanks Prem & Percio.

To elaborate more, intention is to migrate/transfer projects (which includes: Definition, Build, Map, etc…) from Deployer 8.2 to Deployer 9.8.
I was exploring the underlying folder structure of WmDeployer, where it stores the created projects details (Build, configuration files etc…). After analysing it in detail, found out that when we create a build, underneath, it stores all the components (PackagesName.zip, etc…)
So thought of simply copy-paste the created projects from 8.2 Deployer to 9.8 Deployer.
But associated unidentified/unknown behaviour/risks forbade me from doing that.
Therefore, looking for a out of the box solution if exists.


The out-of-the-box solution would be the migration utility referenced in the upgrade guide.



the projects need to be converted from 8.2 to 9.8 as they are version-bound.

When just copying them you might mix up the “last updated” timestamps of reports etc. and additionally they are still 8.2-projects which might be handled by 9.8 Deployer but only as long as the designated targets are also 8.2 servers.


There is a utility provided by webMethods in the 98 Deployer

There is a link called “?Migrate Data” In the 98 Deployer Page under Tools on the left side.

We used this to migrate all the projects from 82 to 98 .
We needed the old deployment reports etc for future Audit purposes

If you keep the Remote server names and deplyer group names same as 82 you can even reuse the same projects to mantain continuity.

Pretty neat and thoughtful feature by SAG.

This is really great!
Saved a lot of hassle and effort.
Thank you for bringing out this feature.