Migrate Data from Centrasite 8.0 to Centrasite 8.2 SP1

We currently have the following objects in Centrasite 8.0:

  • Custom Design time policies, Taxonomies
  • Custom Lifecycle, states
  • Custom Asset Types and assets for these types.

We need to migrate all these from Centrasite 8.0 to Centrasite 8.2 SP1.
I tried to export the objects individually and import into Centrasite 8.2.
I got multiple dependency errors
(example: INMIEE0050: The asset type “RICE” references another object with key uddi:8d4f7d50-3480-11e0-a644-85e5a68e8c1f, but it does not exist in the registry.)

I tried collecting the export objects using the “add to list” option. But again there is always some reference to some object that is not in the export list.

So, I am looking for a way where I export everything from Centrasite 8.0
and import into 8.2.

How do I do that??
Your detailed explanation would be appreciated.


Hi All
We found a solution.
The key is to Disable the “Preserve Ownership” property when you are importing in 8.2.

I hope this tip helps someone trying to do similar thing.

Note to Software AG: It would be great if Software AG can update the documentation with this tip. It will be very helpful for Centrasite Users.