Message Store in Partner Manager

We are using B2B Integration Server 4.01 with TN and Partener Manager.
We use message store set to database and but somehow during the recent
restart of webMethods server its reset message store back to default
XML file system. So we added property in
server.cnf file. But when we restart the server this property getting
override and sets back to XML file.

Looks like we are missing some other configuration. But no webMethods
user guides mention this. pl help me in this regard.

Hi Venkat,

Make sure you modify the server.cnf file while the server is not running. While the server runs, it creates a server.cnf.bak file that replaces the server.cnf when you shutdown the server. Hopefully that will make sure your server.cnf entry is kept.


As an added point, if ever have pipeline variables that you want to write to the server.cnf file, you can call the wm.server.admin.setSettings service.

To call this service, you will have to add a service to your Flow first. Any service will suffice because you will be going to the Properties tab to change the path to the service. Replace the namespace of the service with “wm.server.admin.setSettings”.

Go back to your Pipeline tab and you will see that the setSettings service has no Service In inputs or outputs.

Whatever you have in the pipeline when this service is called will be written to the server.cnf file so be aware of your pipeline variables. Invoking pub.flow:clearPipeline may be in order here.

This is the same service that “Extended Settings” invokes so if you name your variables properly, you have the ability to overwrite server.cnf values or add new ones.

I have used this service to load variables from a config file into the Server Configuration file at runtime.