Message Digest Error


In B2B, we are receiving 7B5 PIP for which we send ACK RN doc back to partner which was failing with error below at their end.
“The message Acknowledgement digest does not match the Original digest=jwO5kHcUzQdouDAiOemctg== ackDigest=s/CzWWAo4m1P6kx7kyED7dJ++0Q=”

Though we are using same hash algorithm (SHA1)at both ends, we are still facing the same issue.

Any idea how this message digest will get compute in webMethods in RosettaNet communication.

Please advise.

Thx, skb

you have to Canonicalize your input before hashing. Check the IBM site about class. we had similar issue and resolved by doing canonicalizing the request before hashing.

Hi Bala,

Can you please share your comments about implementing C14N in webMethods.


You may also check this Empower article in case you have not read this already:


I did go through that article but I need to implement a java code to form xml canonicalization.

Does webMethods 9.5 and above provided any BIS that supports C14N?

No clue on the 9.5 supported or not.

I would say please raise the question with SAG tech support for C14N related and if they support any BIS directly or indirectly:


I was able to implement C14N myself :slight_smile: :slight_smile: