Memory leak issue with webMethods 8

I am using WM8 and i have problem of memory leak,I am looking for a open source profiling tool which can help to analyse IS performance and points of memory leakage.
Please help.

The BEA/WebLogic/Oracle JRockit JVM has excellent profiling tools in its Mission Control application. You’ll have to modify the startup scripts used to start IntegrationServer to use JRockit, if you’re not already.

What causes you to believe that you have a memory leak? What is IS doing when this occurs? Has this been happening for awhile or did it start recently? If recently, what changed? What third-party drivers or libraries are your integration applications using? Often, these can be a source of leaks.



Hello Mark,

What modification i have to do in start up script?
we are working on webmethods upgrade and memory usage on server is always more then 80% even if no testing is going on…

Do you find IS performance sluggish?Generating thread dumps may help in finding root cause of the problem. Tweaking with JVM heap size can also help.

Change the settings that point the the JVM, usually Sun to point to the Oracle JRockit JVM (after you’ve installed it, of course).

If you aren’t familiar with this, you’ll want to find a Java-knowledgeable person to assist or perhaps the administrator who supports your IS installation.


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