Maximum number of flow services created in a single Package in Integration server


Can anyone reply the Maximum number of flow services can be created in a single Package in Integration server 9.6.

Refer the attachment,

The age column value is higher and my service development tools gets slower whenever I try to change any one of the existing flow service flow steps.

Note : I have 65 adapter services(Select, Insert, update ) and 95 flow serivces in a single package.
Daniel Sebastian .C

As per my knowledge there is no predefined number of services to be in a single package. Having to many services in a single package is not recommended and it is not a best practice as it will take time to load into the IS memory.

Create your services as per need and if there are services which are used across the IS put them into CommonServices package which can be reused. Also make you of Dynamic and Custom SQL needs if you have some SQL queries which can be used dynamically at run-time.

Kindly let us know the issue are you facing currently. Also make sure you always have the latest fix levels installed on IS and JDBC Adapter.

Hi Daniel.

which version of JDBC Adapter are you using? 6.5 or 9.0?

For the remaining I agree with Mahesh.


Thank You @ Mahesh and Holger.

I want to explain the scenario.

Issue I faced :

I developed a common flow service A1 in a package P1.
The flow service A1 is reusable.

The flow service A1 consists of 
i)  jdbc Select adapter service to generate  sequence for a DB table 

ii) flow service to get the current financial year .

	The flow Service A1 has
	OUTPUT : finyear+sequence

Now I create flow service B1 in a package P2

In the flow service B1 I invoked the flow service A1 five times to generate sequences for five tables present in my data base.
After these invoke steps I try to add flow steps to develop a logic. Now my development integration server slows down.

Solution I did :
Finally I deleted all the invoke service(A1) and flow steps from the flow service B1.
And inserted a single map step, in pipeline I added the flow service A1 as transformer and started developing logic using the flow setps.
Now my development integration server works fine.

Is the above solution is right or some timg else need to be done.

@Holger ,
My JDBC Adapter is 6.5

Daniel Sebastian .C

Hi Daniel,

which Fix do you applied for JDBC Adapter 6.5?
Latest I know of currently is Fix54.

Can you share a sample package to demonstrate your issue?

From your description I cannot see anything why IS should have different performance for the two approaches.
At least the difference should not be so big that this will be noticed.