Master password failed


I have problem with starting Integration Server via ssh. When I use command localy on host (with the same user), this works fine. But if I the same command strats via ssh getting errors end IS starts in seave mode.

My commands:

  • remote
    'ssh user@host “cd /path-to-bin/bin; nohup ./ &”

  • localy on host
    ‘nohup ./ &’


  • ‘Master password failed a sanity check’


I am getting the same error. We have just spun up 12 deployers and i am looking for a way to copy the passwords as well as the remote servers onto each of the deployers. i deleted the txnPassStore.dat and the issue resolved itself. Is there a way to copy the remoteserver.cnf and the txnPassStore.dat file to all the deployers? If you just copy over the files you get the master password failed sanity check error.

Hello everyone,

it seems we are having the same problem: restarting via the “shutdown and restart” console button works fine
However restarting via a script will sometimes (not always but we have not yet found a difference) make the “failed sanity check” error appear!

Has someone found a solution?

PS: we are using IS 6.5 SP3

There are lot of options like resetting of Master password/outbound passwords that would fix this problem. 7-1-1_Integration_Server_Administrators_Guide has neatly documented the problems/remedies related to Master passwords. Thanks.

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