Mappinng many fileds to one filed in doclist

How to map multiple fileds in a document to the same filed in a documentlist ?

I need a solution without using indices

Do you want to concatenate or map one of the fields based on condition?

Using indexed will only work if you map single fields to a list anyway (beside the examples mentioned below).

If you want to cocatenate you can use a concatenate step or a static expression with the single vars, like %var1%%var2%… (Though not easy to read afterwards). But to be honest, my preferred solutions are pub.string:makeString or pub.string:messageFormat with indexes, as they provide the best readability and are not limited to a fixes amount of inputs.

If you want to map one of the fields only, you need either several branch steps with single mappings or a copy condition to every mapped line (There a different opinions which approach is better programming style :wink: ).

Alls solutions are documented in the Developers Guide respectively the Build In Services Guide.



You can also look for copy condition if ur mapping is based on some conditions …